Project Spotlight - Lash Vibes Packaging

Packaging design for eyelash products for Kasey, the brains behind Lash Vibes and Auckland Lash & Brows. About a year ago I helped out Kasey from Auckland Lash & Brows with all her branding for her new salon in Albany. To see some images of the salon and the work I did for that, click here. Alongside Auckland Lash & Brows, Kasey has been busy growing her product and training business, Lash Vibes.

Kasey approached me last month asking for packing for the an Eyelash Adhesive and Cream Remover for Lash Vibes. Packaging projects are generally my favourite (I love to transform a plain piece of paper into 3-D packaging), I jumped at the opportunity to work on this. Kasey is a dream to work with, she always lets me go to town and do my thang on her design projects. I appreciate the level of trust she has my creative abilities, and usually, having the creative freedom to let my imagine run wild, produces the best designs.

Starting with a white page, I created a dieline for the Cream Remover. A dieline is like a giant cookie cutter, a knife gets made by the printer based on the design I provide (called the dieline) and it cuts out the shape and creases the folds in the chosen stock (fancy term for paper). Once I designed and mocked up the box and ensured it all folded together ok, I designed the pattern. Anyone who knows me will tell you I have an obsession for patterns (you only need to look at the Camille Co. range to see I try drop them in wherever possible). The rest of the design was lead by the pattern and box size, and shape. Next came the sticker for the Cream Adhesive and to follow suit, the label and packaging for the Adhesive.

I’m better at communicating through images than words so without further adieu, here are some images to explain this project visually. Styling and photographing these images was so much fun, not only am I obsessed with patterns, but flowers too. Perfect! Any questions, please drop me a line in the comments below. If you’re interested in contacting me for a design project, you can find more information here, or contact me at Until next time, Cheyney xxx