Mindfulness - Things I am loving right now


It’s a challenge for me to stay in the moment. I’m am a planner through and through. I spend about 90% of my time in the future - planning, organising, forecasting and fantasising. I have been working on my meditative skills at night to switch of the busy night brain (if anyone is interested in working on this, Buddify is an AMAZING app which costs about $7). It’s helpful for me to make a conscious effort to “stop and smell the roses” (so to speak). So here I am, taking some time out of the future to think about what I appreciate today. 


+Morning Coffee

My coffee is like a warm hug in the morning. I am big on my morning ‘wake up’ routine which takes me about an hour and 1-3 cups of coffee. It involves doing a whole lot of nothing. Blissful. 


+My Peeps

Boyfriend, friends, family etc. Ok, I ALWAYS love and appreciate all these people. These people are who ground me and keep me sane. Without their company, love and support, I would be lost. 


+Queer Eye

Best show ever. Jonothan is my spirit animal. Can I get a Yaaaaaas queen? Warm. Fuzzies. This show has me grinning ear to ear every episode - Find it on Netflix and unless you’re afraid of happiness and good vibes, you’re in for a treat.


+Op Shopping

Looking for gems to furnish our new home (moving in September). I love going to the op shop for a bargain or two. Usually I find something awesome and I can sleep easy knowing I’m giving something that otherwise might go to landfill, a new purpose (and potentially a bit of a makeover). Some people see old, used stuff, all I see at the op shop is potential. 



Song by De La Soul & Little Dragon. As if this combo wouldn't be epic, am I right? One of those songs on my current playlist that always gets me jigging along. It will forever remind me of Winter 2018. 


+Homegrown Fruit Juice

Immunity Homegrown Fruit Juice - Raw fruit & vege juice with tumeric & ginger.  In the big bottle of course (forever trying to reduce plastic use). This juice is soooo yummy. Not too sweet, not too acidic and just feels so good to drink! As a side note, this is not a paid gig and I have nothing to do with their branding or design, I just love the juice that much! 

What are you loving right now? I would love to hear from you. Comment below or hit me with an email. 

Cheyney xx